Stop and take a closer look – this is no ordinary dock.

The system Toftabryggan market is the easiest to put in and take out.

It is sold as a doit your self kit this makes transportation costs low.

You buy all wood material locally and assembly the dock with Toftabryggans beams and legframes, as an option we can deliver complete products.

The construction is made with easy to put in and take out every season when conditions demand this.

Every section of Toftabryggan with legframe floats when assembled, so its eazy to mowe in too position.

Principe for docks is that first dock section starts on land and ends with a leg frame with individual adjustable legs, next dock section attaches on the previous leg frame and end with a leg frame and so on. To wanted length it is possible to build whith 45 degres and 90 degres as L and T. System works up to 3,8 meters water depth (total dock higth 4,2 meters).

Dig deeper and notice design innovations like the Byro Leg Lock.Finally, go for a test walk and feel the amazing, sure-footed stability.Look closely and you’ll agree- this beauty is much more than skin-deep.

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